About Vencode

Vencode is a software initiative developed by a collection of local businesses who felt compelled to do something to try and assist small businesses reopen their doors as restrictions eased after the COVID-19 lockdown period.

All organisations involved have a background in technology, so it made sense to develop a technical solution to solve some of the problems we could foresee on venues required to safely and securely record attendance information.

Partner Organisations


The development team behind Majestri, a club administration system popular with grassroots sporting clubs, created the technology behind Vencode. For them, not only was it an opportunity to put a solution out there for free to help the community, but it was an excuse to “nerd out” and build some brand new technology, which is always fun.

Starting Block Lawyers

Starting Block Lawyers were responsible for developing the policy and obligations around privacy and securing of the data. Their expertise was used to ensure that the Vencode application is adhering to all government guidelines and legislation.

Vencode© is a free online tool to provide simple and secure guest check-in for venues across Australia. This initiative is brought to you by the team behind Majestri.